Bucks Select Lacrosse

Membership Information
Posted Aug 3, 2015


All membership, tournament and other fees are non-refundable for any reason (including injury)

Summer Tournaments are purchased as a complete team package.

We do not piecemeal or prorate a tournament package for any tournaments missed.

All players are required to attend all practices/scrimmages/tournaments.

Some Bucks Select HS teams maybe required to attend team camps(Champ Camp, MVP etc.). Payment and registration for these camps will be on an individual basis and are not included in the Bucks Select tournament package.

Playing for Bucks Select is a commitment. Our goal is to "elevate" the game of each and every Bucks Select player and prepare them for the next level. Buck Select runs an intense summer schedule. We do not recommend playing for more than one club team.

Players must receive written permission from the director in order to play for another team. Any player found playing for another team without written permission will be removed from the team immediately.

All club and tournament and club fees must be paid on time.

Players are required to have their own Health Care Insurance.