Bucks Select Lacrosse

Most Common Questions about our program

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have questions that are not below, contact us at bucksselect@gmail.com

Question: What is Bucks Select Lacrosse Club?

Answer: Bucks Select Lacrosse Club started in 2008 by members of the community with playing and coaching backgrounds that wanted to provide a higher level of lacrosse play t by offering practices and playing in premier tournaments.

Question: Are parents allowed to coach in the Bucks Select program?

Answer: We welcome parents who have backgrounds in lacrosse and coaching to be a part of the coaching staff in an assistant capacity. These parents will go thru a training program before being placed on a field with players.

Question: Do Coaches go through background checks?

Answer: Yes. Our coaches go thru an extensive background check. Most of our coaches are either high school or college coaches and have extensive background checks on file.

Question: Does Bucks Select offer family discounts?

Answer: Yes. Bucks Select offers a family discount of 10% off of fees for youngest sibiling that plays for Bucks Select.

Question: What should I budget for the fees?

Answer: Families should budget for the following:

  • Youth Program: $1500.00 - $1900.00 (3rd Grade thru 8th Grade)
  • High School Program: $2000.00 - $2100.00 (9th Grade thru 11th Grade)

**These fees do not include, hotel stays, travel expenses.

Question: What do my fees include?

Answer: Fees include, Uniforms, Positional clinics, team insurance, practice fields, coaches, supplies, all teams summer tournaments, fall tournaments and leagues(where applicable) and spring leagues (where applicable). We offer one flat fee and there are no hidden fees to pay later on.

Question: Are Bucks Select fees refundable?

Answer: No. Bucks Select fees are non-refundable for any reason, including injury and removal of team for disciplinary purposes.

Question; Can my son play with another Club?

Answer: We require that our members attend all of their tournaments and the majority of the teams practices. If a member can meet those requirements they can play for another club, but must be approved prior to their team assignment. Due to the rigors of summer heat and the intensity of the tournaments we recommend playing only for one team.

Question: What is the length of the season?

Answer: Families should plan to be available for practices/tournaments during June and July. Tournament season in the summer concludes usually by the end of the 3rd week of July.

Question: What if I miss practices/tournaments?

Answer: Vacations should not be planned during the summer season so that the player can benefit from the training/practices/tournaments that are offered during this time. When a player misses practices he misses skill sessions and lets his teammates down. Players who miss tournaments/practices could possibly be removed from the team without refunds.

Question: Are there other training/playing opportunities with Bucks Select?

Answer: Yes. Some of our Youth teams (3-8th grade) participate in indoor and spring leagues. We hold fall clinics outdoors and winter clinic indoors. Our High School players are limited in the fall and winter due to High School team obligations.